Hello to anyone that has stumbled upon my site, it is awesome to have you here,

I want to layout how I will be doing things for the foreseeable future. I plan on being very active and not neglecting my blogging. I realize that’s what a lot of people say, and that I may very well disappear next week, but I am going to try my hardest to give this thing a real go.

Flexible schedule:

Mondays: What I’m Reading and Why You Should/Shouldn’t Read This Too

I have recently gotten over my reading slump and am back to reading two books per week. One thing that I miss about college, and being an English Major in particular, is getting to discuss my thoughts and feelings about whatever text I just read. So this desire to create a conversation about books is something I can address on my blog.

The “What I’m Reading” posts will come in two parts. The first, and longer portion, will be a summary and all of my spoiler-free thoughts on the two books I completed the previous week. The second portion will be me letting you know that books I am starting next.

I hope you guys enjoy hearing my thoughts on different books and that maybe it will inspire you to carve out a little more time for reading!

Thursdays: So This is Adulthood

As you may know, I graduated in June 2015, with a BS in English, emphasis in creative writing. I plan on being brutally honest with you guys here. Throughout college I heard a lot of talk about English Majors working at coffee shops after they graduate, about them having trouble finding any work that they enjoyed. The average English major makes only $30,000 a year, post grad. The average English major is sad and regrets all of their life decisions. Okay, no one really said that last one, but it is basically what was implied every time I heard about the negative realities that would face me the moment I packed up and moved off of the campus I had called home for the past few years.

So, I want to give you an honest picture of what my life looks like now, almost one year after my graduation. The first piece is going to detail the immediate month after graduation and how I had to find a job asap and figure out how to pay rent, save money for all of the emergencies life seems to throw your way when you are broke and figure out exactly what a career path start looks like. “So This is Adulthood” will cover everything that I’ve had to face in the past year and how I am working towards a better future. Or at least, trying to.

First Saturday of Each Month: There is Something We Need to Talk About

This once-a-month post will focus on WHATEVER I feel that I have a lot of feelings about. I couldn’t start a blog without knowing that at some point I would have an outlet to discuss things like Dare Devil and how much I am enjoying binging the second season, intersectional feminism and how we can all do better, my crazy love for AirBnB traveling around California and soon GERMANY, and how much I will cry if Netflix screws up the new season of Gilmore Girls.





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