Summer update

Hey guys. This weekend I’m going to be writing up reviews for the books I read in June and later today I will be announcing my July TBR. So the goal was to read 8 books in June, and I knew going in that that would be pushing myself. I did not read all 8 books, but, you know what? I’m really proud of how much I ended up getting through.

In June I completed 5/8 books. I would have loved to have read more, but I was working a lot of overtime and some nights I would fall asleep the moment I got home, and well, there went my reading time. Still. I think 5 books in one month is a great month of reading.

My internship is going well, but we’re ramping up our programs during the summer, so I’ve been very busy. I spent several days at my boyfriend’s parents house to celebrate the 4th of July and that was a great break. Also, I get to go visit my family for an entire week this coming Sunday and I’m stoked. So that’s what’s going on in my life right now. Ahh now to go adjust my July TBR list. I’m going to aim for 6 books this month (a more reasonable goal) and so a few books need to get kicked off the list and I need to figure out what to do with the three books I didn’t get to this month.


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